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Welcome to Stephen Cheung DDS, where our passion is all about smiles! Located in the cozy corners of Lodi, California, our clinic is the realization of Dr. Stephen Cheung’s dream. He started his dental journey at the University of Michigan in 2017, and since then, he’s been on a mission: to give everyone in Lodi a reason to smile a bit brighter.


You might ask, “What’s special about us?” Well, for starters, Dr. Cheung isn’t just another dentist in town. He’s someone who truly connects with his patients. He listens, he understands, and more than anything, he genuinely cares. Whether it’s his knack for Invisalign treatments or his gentle approach to calming nervous patients, Dr. Cheung is here for you. And it’s not just about the shiny awards; it’s about making every dental visit something to look forward to.


But it’s not all about Dr. Cheung. We’re a family here, a team of dedicated professionals all aiming to make your visit a tad bit special. We pride ourselves on our friendly approach, top-tier treatments, and commitment to making Lodi smile

Dr. Stephen Cheung

CEO & Founder

Our Mission

In the words of Dr. Cheung: “It’s all about the patients.” Our goal is simple but heartfelt. We want to offer top-notch dental care in a space that feels just like home. Every patient, every smile, every story matters to us. Using the latest technology and a bunch of friendly faces, we’re set on making your dental journey smooth, comfortable, and pleasant.

Our Office

Walking into Stephen Cheung DDS is like stepping into a space where modern dental wonders meet hometown charm. Here’s what makes our place special:


  • Feel Right at Home: We’ve made our waiting area cozy and comfy, just for you. Take a seat, grab a magazine, or help yourself to some refreshments.
  • State-of-the-Art Care: Our treatment rooms are like mini tech hubs, filled with the latest tools. But don’t worry, they’re designed with comfort in mind. So sit back, relax, and let the tech work its magic.
  • No More Gooey Impressions: Remember those weird-feeling molds? We’ve swapped them for super cool digital impressions. Quicker and way more comfortable.
  • Safety First: We’re big on cleanliness. Our sterilization station is top-notch, ensuring every tool we use is sparkly clean.
  • Let’s Chat: Got questions or just want to chat about your teeth dreams? We’ve got a special space just for that. It’s where conversations and care come together.
  • Loving Our Planet: We’re all about green practices. From less paper to eco-friendly supplies, we’re doing our bit for Mother Earth.


At Stephen Cheung DDS, we’ve mixed the magic of modern dentistry with the warmth of familiar surroundings. It’s the perfect place to care for your smile. Come on over and feel the difference!

Before & After Gallery

Browse through our Before and After Gallery to see the transformative results achieved by Dr. Stephen Cheung and our skilled dental team—simply drag the slider for a full view of each patient’s smile makeover.


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