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The Connection Between Oral Health and Heart Disease: Unveiled by Stephen Cheung DDS

A Holistic Approach to Oral Health

At the dental office of Dr. Stephen Cheung DDS in Lodi, CA, we prioritize your overall well-being, understanding that oral health significantly impacts your entire body, including heart health. Located at 1420 S Mills Ave Suite D, our practice is dedicated to educating our patients about the critical link between oral and cardiovascular health. This blog aims to shed light on how maintaining optimal oral hygiene can contribute to a healthier heart.

Understanding the Oral-Heart Health Connection

Research continues to uncover the profound connection between chronic oral conditions, such as gum disease, and heart-related issues. The American Heart Association has discussed how the inflammation associated with periodontal disease could lead to the development of cardiovascular problems, underscoring the importance of regular oral health care. In this segment, we will explore the mechanisms through which poor oral health can influence heart disease and the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy mouth.

The Role of Regular Dental Care

Routine dental visits to Stephen Cheung DDS are not merely about ensuring a bright smile; they play a significant part in preventing conditions that could affect your heart. During your check-ups, Dr. Cheung and our team perform thorough cleanings and examinations to detect early signs of gum disease, which could be a contributing factor to heart disease if left untreated. We advocate for preventative care as a critical strategy in safeguarding both your dental and heart health.

Preventative Measures and Lifestyle Changes

Beyond the dental chair, we encourage our patients to adopt lifestyle changes that diminish the risk of both oral and heart diseases. This includes smoking cessation, maintaining a balanced diet, and adhering to a consistent oral hygiene routine. Additionally, managing conditions like diabetes, which is linked to both gum disease and heart disease, is essential for overall health.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Dr. Stephen Cheung and the dedicated team at our Lodi practice are committed to providing care that extends beyond your oral cavity. We understand the importance of educating our patients about the connection between oral health and heart disease and are here to guide you through the necessary steps to protect both.

We invite you to schedule your next dental examination and cleaning to take a proactive step towards maintaining not just your oral health, but your heart health too. Contact us at (209) 369-3617 or visit our office at 1420 S Mills Ave Suite D, Lodi, CA 95242. Learn more about our comprehensive dental services and our commitment to your overall well-being by visiting Stephen Cheung DDS.


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